I no longer handle this 5 inch screen. Please refresh your browser or go to the home page.

The screen is 5 inches fully digital now, just like watching HDTV.

I am switching to no audio on all of my equipment.

1.  What I offer is a great price.

2.  Tech. service after the sale.

3.  An excellent 1 year warranty on camera and monitor 

4.  An excellent quality product 


This 5" system is best used in the RV industry and horse trailer applications. It comes with a separate receiver which has the switch to change the channels if it is a two camera system. If the unit is a one camera system the receiver is built into the monitor.

RV's voltage supplies vary in some cases depending on the RPM of the engine. I will include a voltage regulator with each camera to bring a steady 12 volts to the camera for a better image. The Wireless system can transmit up to 500 feet using the standard antenna line of site. And its portable! Move the Camera in minutes wherever you need it!

The IR light allows you to see any activity during the night without additional lighting.

The unit comes with one colored camera.

This system is weather proof.

It has mirror image on and off.

This is a brand new commercial grade system.  

What is displayed here is a wireless camera system. It can transmit up to 500 feet barrier free.

All of the items below are included in the package also. The third item is a ball mount bracket.

Using this as a backup camera on a RV is no problem. It will transmit through the fiber glass and plastic and light steel structure with out hurting the picture quality. The closer to line of site the better. Make no mistake however if the signal has to go through a lot of structure it will not be a clear picture.

I give a 1 year warranty on the cameras and monitor.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

This unit comes with an antenna extension and a cigarette lighter adapter.

I have two systems on the 5 inch model. Most take one camera only. If you want a two camera system you have to let me know. The camera's on this system need to have a 12 volt D/C source. This can be supplied from many sources however they do need power. There has been some confusion. When making your connections do not use SCOTCH LOCKS!!! These are junk and cause nothing but problems for you. If using butt connectors use size 18-22 and fold over the ends to thicken the wire going into the connector. Make sure that you have a pure 12 volts. Do this with a volt Ohm meter. Do not take anything for granted. This system will not work on 11.5 volts.

This system comes with the antenna extension at no extra charge!! This is great for mounting it to the monitor or camera and moving it outside the cab or trailer for better reception.

Features: MONITOR and CAMERA

Heavy Duty alloyed shell, built-in 2.4G wireless AV color transmitter

Easy to install and detach

Weather resistance housing for outdoor use

Normal image and mirror image switch

Auto switch to back-view system when reversing the car if needed

Wide voltage input adaptability :11~32 DC

Audio/video input and output ports

Color CCD Wireless Rear View Camera (Model: RC-501W)

The camera Alloyed shell

Waterproof resistance: IP 67~68

Mirror/normal image switch-function

TV system: PAL/NTSC

Image Pick-up Device : 1/3 Sharp

Video Output : 1.0Vp-p 75O , Negative

The lens focal length and angle: 3.6mm 92° / 2.8mm 120° / 2.2mm 150°

IR LED light:18 blue LED

IR distance : approx. 10m

Night Vision available ,day/night for automatic adjustment

Power Supply : DC12V±10%,250mA

Housing Colors : Black

5" COLOR TFT-LCD Color Monitor digital(Model:RM-501)

With audio function,earphone output jack

Picture image may be adjusted for horizontal ,vertical

Mirror Function : mirror/normal

Used for DVD/VCD/GPS

Wide range of power supply : 12-32 V

Full function remote control

Display Component : Color TFT-LCD

Display Pixel : 480(H)×300(V)

Color System : RGB Delta

TV System : NTSC

Power Supply ; DC12V+10%,250mA

Housing Colors : Black

This button is for the entire system. A new lower price with added accessories at no extra charge.


This is for the extra camera.